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Prickly Pear, Blue Shock, Sour Rainbow, April Mystery Flavor, Voodoo, Lemon Italian Ice, Sunny Tea, Gold Rush

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15 Servings, 45 Servings

45 reviews for RAZE Hydration

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Based on 45 reviews
  1. TMoore

    Raze Hydration packs are quick and convenient to just grab and add to any water source. Taste is great and an excellent way to get hydrated.

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  2. Nate

    I love this stuff. I keep forgetting to write a review for this but I really do love it and I plan on buying a bunch of it. Quite often I come home after work dehydrated and have a bad headache. I mix thud stuff with a bottle of water and within an hour, I’m feeling so much better. Definitely worth getting.

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  3. BigMike

    Absolutely amazing!! The taste is amazing. There is absolutely nothing like it on the market. Gatorade doesn’t even compare.

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  4. Jeremy Gast

    These are great for a little extra after a long hot day outside or in the gym.

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  5. John Putz (verified owner)

    These are great when you want a Raze energy drink late at night and still need to get sleep. I drink at least one a day.

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  6. Chase councill (verified owner)

    The best flavor that I ever tried!!

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  7. BigMike

    Absolutely amazing!!! Works way better than Gatorade and it tastes absolutely amazing. Wouldn’t chose anything else. Nothing like it on the market!

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  8. Jason Doehring

    This is the very best thing on the market today and it really works! It keeps me hydrated all day long and I recommend it to everyone I know!!!

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  9. Powers Paul (verified owner)

    Good afternoon I have just started to use Raze and have been getting customers also. They have told me that they love the Blue Shock. matter fact one of my customers like his so much that he drank his and took mine.

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  10. James Bader

    Been a customer for years and hydration is amazing for me. I work outdoors so i use it all the time to keep myself cooled. The flavors are great and i use these along with Raze energy daily.

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  11. Pete Marquez (verified owner)

    Honestly makes a huge difference during my workouts. Especially as things are heating up. I have a home gym built in my garage and when it gets hot the whole garage warms up and I am pouring with sweat. Raze Hydration makes a huge difference and it tastes great! I tried the sour blue raspberry and really enjoyed it!

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  12. Tyrone Martinez

    This is a great way to have people try the product, who has not tried it and it doesn’t put a huge dent in your pocket. Also at that time you can upsell by telling them about the website and give them your 15% off code.

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  13. thomas wright (verified owner)

    Wish it stayed in stock so with different flavors so I could have variety for customers to buy I believe I could sell it well. As far as what I’ve tried it’s been good .

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  14. Francisco Campero

    Great taste. Pour in water and enjoy. Love using hydration after workouts especially after cardio. While stretching after cardio, sipping on hydration is great!!

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  15. dementedarmyboi

    Easy to use, great taste and convenient to take on the go

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  16. Jenn Babcock (verified owner)

    I love the hydration. It helps me drink more water. I don’t like plain water so the different flavors are nice plus it has the prebiotic now. Blue shock is by far my favorite.

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  17. Brandon Kronwall (verified owner)

    Nothing is better than having these packets by your side while do activities. Long summer days playing ball, heavy workouts in the gym, you name it….. Raze Hydration is the answer! Plus: Fantastic Flavors!

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  18. Andrea Villarreal Smoothie King (verified owner)

    It’s a great tasting supplement. I drink a lot of water so, the electrolytes help me feel balanced. The added benefit of probiotics help me not feel bloated and the vitamin c give me a peace of mind that I’m supporting my immune system.

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  19. lucianlgm

    great taste just add ice and water and one packet and shakewell.

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  20. Bobby Crawford Jr

    I love the different variety of flavors

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  21. jose77ericka

    I use the Raze Hydration 2 to 3 times a day and it helps to keep my muscle from cramping up and the flavors are awesome, it’s also good to have something that is better than Gatorade. I would recommend this product. The new prickly pear flavor is awesome.

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  22. Lionontheground

    It’s okay. Not great. It’s too salty honestly. It keeps you hydrated but so does RAZE on the go packs and water and I’d rather just grab a Gatorade or other hydration drink but this is pretty good for no dyes and a great hydration complex.

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  23. William Nash

    I very rarely drink soda. But I do drink water all day long. The HYDRATION pouches are perfect for just that “little bit” extra flavor and nutrients. I carry 4 or 5 packs with me always.

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  24. Ian Rupe

    I’m a solo parent that drives his children to school, practices intermittent fasting, hits the gym, streams gaming at twitch.tv/justicethreegaming, picks up two young children from school, takes them to Gracie Pac Jujitsu, makes dinner, cleans up, helps with homework, make free time to hang out with both children watching a show, then prep for bed, each and every day. Rinse and repeat. I can not stress to you how important my hydration and proper nutrition is. Between Raze Hydration and Raze Energy, I can tackle every stresser through each moment until the end of my day at full Super Daddy capacity. FYI, Hyper Sleep is a God send on the weekends.

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  25. Brett Wozniak

    Absolutely love these. As long as you can get past the saltiness (which you get used to) these are amazing ways to feel refreshed after a nice workout

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  26. Donald

    Great flavors and better electrolyte balance than Gatorade and other sports drinks. Also perfect for late night workouts when you don’t want all thar caffeine.

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  27. fatkid2679

    I’ve tried a lot of hydration products. They have all been replaced with raze hydration. The flavor, the quality, the price. You can’t beat any of it.

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  28. roger.rossjr

    Delicious and weirdly makes me feel full for a couple hours. Great as a tool for intermittent fasting. 10/10!

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  29. Julie Haynes

    Easy to take along anywhere you go and the taste is always spot on. I take it with me to the beach, basketball travel games and anything that requires us to be outdoors.

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  30. Brandon Winkler

    Great taste and great value and easy to use just add to water and you your ready to go

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  31. Scott Aldinger

    Drink too much last night? Left hung over and with a severely depleted gut biome? This stuff will get your morning started out right!

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  32. jvacosta3

    Great value and awesome body equipment. Felt like I had to pee quickly which is awesome for an energy based supplement. Great flavor profile.

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  33. Sam Skulas

    Easy to you with great flavor and easy to carry for on the go adventures!

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  34. Cristian Ramirez

    I love this product for more then just 1 reason, for starters it’s easy to use/make. Secondly they are great tasting and they definitely help with keeping me hydrated throughout my day. hopefully we more flavors soon! 8.9/10

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  35. ludwiga9

    Amazing flavor and an amazing product. It’s my go to post game beverage after hockey and now my kids are hooked too. I hope the prickly pear flavor stays forever.

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  36. Jimmy Hayes

    Yet another great product from Repp! I continue to be impressed by everything I try from this brand. From the tshirts and energy drinks to the pre workout and hydration packs, no disappointments!

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  37. Chloe

    Being a diabetic I have a issue with low sodium during my busy days on the farm and I have to say when I got to try these as a insider it helped me out a lot I recommend this for those heavy working days when you lose a lot of water in your system.

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  38. cigarlandry12

    I have been an avid user of all products Raze/REPP Sports since 2018. When RECOV7 came out, I loved the flavors and loved that it works as an intra and post recovery drink, but it made me really want something that I could drink throughout the day without the caffeine, but still the same great Raze flavors. When I heard about Raze hydration, I knew I’d be sold. It took some time for them to nail the flavor profiles and not make them taste like your typical sports drink, but they have DESTROYED my expectations! Raze hydration does an amazing job replenishing your fluids and helping you from feeling slow or sluggish throughout the day. And again, you get some of the great flavors that the Raze energy drink offers. Hands down, best sports drink. Period.

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  39. Aaron Shinkle (verified owner)

    Have you ever started sweating so much that if you decided to take off your shirt and wring it out like a wet towel, you could probably overflow your now empty water bottle? If that’s the case, regular water isn’t going to cut it – when you’re really working up a sweat, you’ve gotta take into account that it’s not just water that your body is losing. There’s nothing like fighting out of a submission in a JiuJitsu match and having the guy on top drop a huge drop of sweat right on your mouth. Not a good time. But you know that taste? That’s salty – almost as salty as the competition is going to be when they realize they’re gonna have to step up their game HARD if they ever want to compete on a level with this hydration stuff here.

    I’ve even given some samples to my boss, since he’s started frequenting the gym – the preworkout, the drinks, they’re all good, but this is the first thing he’s specifically come to me and said “Hey man, I need you to get an order in on this stuff right away, this is great.”

    I’ve tried a lot of hydration products, and I won’t name names – and honestly, they aren’t bad. They are definitely better than just straight water. The Raze hydration, is on another level for me – this really keeps you going and gives you back what you need most to keep pushing out. You don’t want to get dehydrated when you’re sweating profusely from an extreme workout, but you don’t want to reload on all the sugars, fats, and calories that you’re fighting to burn – but this will give you everything you need to keep sweating as much as you want, it’s going to taste great, and it’s going to mix smooth. No clumps or deserts of bland flavor in between sips. And most importantly, as a trainer and nutritionist myself, this is a product that is going to help with safety in the gym, on a run, anywhere you need it – this isn’t going to be the drink you want when you’re relaxing at home, but it’s absolutely going to lock in the value when you’re using it to push your endurance.

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  40. Mike Collepardi

    completely replaced gatorade on my overnight work shifts. Better flavors without the sugar.

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  41. Adam Spaulding

    RAZE Hydration has been a game changer for working from home all day! I was burned out on plain water and other water flavorings that often have a bunch of sugar and/or calories. RAZE Hydration is refreshing and has the added benefit of a probiotics and vitamin C! Other than wishing I had more flavor options available this offering hits it out of the park!

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  42. Mark Mezzanotte

    I love the Raze Hydration packets. Great taste and convenience. The added benefit of their blend of electrolytes and probiotics is easy on the stomach plus helps with my flow. I have purchased the last few Limited Time flavors (Blue Shock and Prickly Pear) and have one almost every day.

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  43. matg424

    I’m more of a pre workout type person, but I have to tell you something about this made my body feel good, it taste great and I felt no bloat and was ready to go about my day.

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  44. chrisgonzalez012094

    The hydration makes a difference and it’s healthier than Gatorade helps with cramps or heat flashes and prickly pear sounds like a great flavor if you had it in your childhood good memories but very prickly delicious

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  45. Jordan Howard (verified owner)

    I use it everyday by far the best!

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