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RAZE Extreme Thermogenic

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One of the strongest non-ephedra fat burning compounds in the world.  It also boosts libido, making it the sexiest fat burner on Earth.†

  • Target Stubborn Fat Cells†
  • Immediate Metabolism Accelerant†
  • Sustained No Crash Energy†
  • Ultra Mental Focus & Clarity†

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended  to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.




6 reviews for RAZE Extreme Thermogenic

  1. Jake Glass

    I started taking these pills in August 2018 at 263 lbs. I am a D1 collegiate rugby player. I began taking them in our preseason and immediately felt an increase in energy, cardiovascular boost and use of the thermogenic. In November, I weighed in at 242 and I am the leanest, fittest I have ever been. Great product and its super easy to track 1 pill a day. I would recommend having a yoghurt or something to eat before taking the pill because it may affect your stomach. Nonetheless, I definitely recommend.

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  2. Lela B.

    I have never been so pumped and focused and motivated to work out! Raze was like a punch of energy to the face I can feel the results. When taking, it made me a little jittery so be sure to watch your dosings, but other than that this is a great product!

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  3. Gabby R

    The recommended water intake is 64 oz daily but I don’t think that’s enough. When I’m working out it’s great but the crash sucks. The very first day I took it, I vomited at least 4 times. Even now, days later, even tho I carry my water jug around with me, I still feel sickly if I stop to relax.

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  4. Rose P

    Focused all day long, EASY 3 hour workout but I killed it lifting heavy. Took it at 12pm after my late breakfast, 6pm now and I still feel sharp and focused. The appetite suppressant I already feel. And I do feel pretty ripped. I‚Äôve already recommended it to 5 of my friends! 😉

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  5. Nick Nuget

    Love this stuff. Its so convenient when it comes to using the capsules instead taking powders. My wife is loving the fact that my abs are finally starting to show.

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  6. Stacy Chen

    Wow what a rush!!!! Raze is packed with energy and focus that got me through the day LIKE DAMN! I like how the capsules look lol

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