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RAZE Protein Cakes

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High in protein with no added sugar, our delicious RAZE Cakes are formulated to satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping you on track.  Just add milk or water, stir, and microwave for 60 seconds for a protein-packed, guilt-free dessert.

  • 12G of premium protein
  • 2G of Sugar
  • 17G Net Carbs

*Allergens: Contains wheat, milk, soy, tree nut (Coconut).



Birthday Cake, Chocolate Lava Cake, Cinnamon Roll, Lemon Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Gingerbread Cookie, Hot Cocoa

28 reviews for RAZE Protein Cakes

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  1. Tyler Rataiczak (verified owner)

    The Gingerbread Cookie mix tastes amazing; I am absolutely in love with the flavor

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  2. Aaron Rogers (verified owner)

    My wife and I are part of the Insider’s program, and have been asking for the Lemon Cake. When we saw it hit the digital shelves, we scooped it up quickly excited to try it. This morning was our first go at it, and WOWEEE it did not let us down. The tart pop of lemon and subtle touch of cream frosting is perfect for this spongy mug cake. Highly recommend for breakfast, dessert, or on-the-go snacking!

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  3. paulegraner

    My new favorite protein bar, they taste amazing and help refuel me after work and workouts, they also make for a tasty snack anytime

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  4. Chance Wright (verified owner)

    Pretty good noticeable coconut flavor, most likely from the coconut flour. Other than that really cool, quick snack that curbs that sweet tooth.

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  5. Mike (verified owner)

    Best thing I’ve ever eaten!! It’s is pretty cheap for how much it can make and I really hate cake but I took a chance and I love it. Highly recommend trying this

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  6. Mary Hietpas (verified owner)

    The best mug cakes I’ve had! They taste amazing and have protein so it’s a win win! Plus so much less sugar than the regular cakes!

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  7. Jeovanny

    Best snack for during or after a workout, taste delicious and it is good for you.

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  8. rmckeown93

    When I make my protein waffles and pancakes I put some of this and with my ingredients and let me tell you it amps up the flavor if that’s amazing. And it’s great if you want a quick snack

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  9. Jermaine Stockton (verified owner)

    where has this been all my life the taste and the fluffiness is fantastic raze cakes will definitely curb your sweet tooth

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  10. Scott Judy

    Love the Raze cakes. I have a hard time controlling my sweet tooth. Sometimes it undoes the gains I made. These cakes help me control my cravings, provide some extra protein, and help me keep my gains!

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  11. Blake Hulett

    Best out there !

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  12. Brady Rice (verified owner)

    The chocolate lava cake reminded me of my late grandmas lava cakes she made for everyone’s birthdays, and anything in-between. I Miss You Mami

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  13. Jered Lindsey (verified owner)

    These definitely curb the sweets craving. I’ve tried all the flavors except the Lemon. I mixed mine with some coconut milk and it was nice and fluffy. All flavors are very good and spot on.

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  14. switchaob

    Cinnamon roll is amazing!! Can’t get enough!!

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  15. Nathan T.

    Love them! The taste is amazing and it’s a great start to your day if you’re in a rush to get on with it.

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  16. Trevor Hubbard (verified owner)

    Great snack and flavor. I added a littleil ice cream and was mo,re than impressed!

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  17. Rick

    I loved all the flavors! Really can’t choose a favorite and the best thing of all it’s the fact that they aren’t as bad a as Twinkie, a meant, only 2g of sugar! Woow!!

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  18. Matt Boris (verified owner)

    Love the Birthday Cake! So yummie

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  19. Aaron G. Austin (verified owner)

    I have to be honest, I love Raze cakes! I am always looking for an alternative protein, and Bday cake is really surprisingly good. Plus its my bday !

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  20. Bradley

    Who doesn’t love cake? Who doesn’t love cake even more when it’s packing protein to help those gainz. Hands down the best way to intake your protein, try and you will never go back!

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  21. Cory (verified owner)

    Best mug cake I’ve ever had and it’s healthy too. You can use milk or water and every time it comes out like a cake. I prefer cinnamon roll but every flavor I had is good.

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  22. cigarlandry12

    Raze cakes have to be the hottest new product and I’m so glad Raze got into the baking game. The flavors are phenomenal!!! I hope there will be more flavors in the future!

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  23. jflo37 (verified owner)

    Tried all 4 flavors, amazing snack! Lemon cake has become my new favorite

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  24. James Hanks

    I am addicted to the Cinnamon Roll! Feels like I’m spoiling myself with every workout! Fantastic taste and no powder feeling at all! I mixed mine with Silk Milk and it was even better!

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  25. Kato Murray (verified owner)

    I tried the Birthday Cake flavor after my workout last night and I am absolutely going to be ordering more. This is exactly what my sweet tooth has been craving without me going off plan.

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  26. Chandler Jessup

    I’ve been trying these since the test phase and I can’t stop eating them. I love cake so this is the perfect substitute

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  27. Chris Gould

    The best stuff I think they have created!!!! No better protein packed sweet tooth fix.

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  28. Damien Kvanda

    These things should come with a warning on the bag because they are highly addicting. Absolutely loved the first two flavor choices and cannot wait to see what other flavors y’all can come up with.

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