About - REPP Sports



Our Mission

Our mission is to transcend the genetic limitations of nature. REPP Sports™ is for people who wanted to be lions when they grew up. You wanted to be an astronaut? That’s cool. We’ll be over here bench pressing stars. Our company is made up of super strong team members, product quality testers, customers reviews, and speedy delivery. It’s this mission that drives everyone here at Repp Sports.

Our Goal

Our #1 goal is to hang glide with a lat spread. Our #2 goal is to shoulder press the pyramids. Gravity is a bitch and we’re here to remind him. We are here to make you the best Repp that you can – push you to the limit. Our goals are to push your goals.


Good Sh*t

It takes the purest ingredients known to man to overcome natural selection. Some companies will tell you that your product comes from some exotic vine in a jungle. Our products come from a lab. And that lab is deep in a jungle. All of our supplements are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients which are free of harmful items or any kind of junk the other guys have.

Bleeding Edge Science

Our scientists have ripped open the space-time continuum and raided the future’s medicine cabinet. Your ancestors ate bull testicles to try and get big. Your ancestors were chumps. Try ArimiVar™. We have high tech machines to deliver top-notch product!

Customer Support

It’s not easy being the absolute pinnacle of human performance. We get it, and we’re here for you. Want to swap out your flavor? We make it easy with no-hassle customer care. Want to talk about how much you bench? Chances are we bench more, but call us up. We stand behind our products 1,000% and offer some of the best customer service and return policies in the industry – NO PROBLEM!