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Broken Arrow ELITE Pre-Workout

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Broken Arrow™ draws from the power of cutting edge ingredients to deliver an explosive workout experience.

  • Increase Physical Output†
  • Fuel Muscle Cells†
  • Explosive Energy & Focus†
  • Long Lasting Pumps†
  • Fast-Acting†

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended  to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Citrulline Malate
Beta Alanine
Active Ingredients

Pure Results

Broken Arrow draws from the power of cutting edge ingredients to deliver an explosive workout experience. Due to the engulfing energy contained within a single serving, Broken Arrow is only recommended for advanced stimulant users.

The formulation and science behind Broken Arrow brings you a high intensity powerhouse consisting of over 11 clinically backed ingredients. When it came down to compiling the set standard for Broken Arrow, we wanted to formulate a product meant for muscle building and pure energetic effects to help sustain levels during the most intense workouts.




No BS Formulation

Often times, the pre-workout market is completely oversaturated by non-transparent proprietary blends that do next to nothing. We weren’t going to cut corners at REPP Sports, we were completely focused on building a pre-workout that can help boost mental focus, increase muscular endurance and provide skin splitting pumps all at the same time.

There’s a reason why Broken Arrow was recently named the best pre-workout with potent effects that assists all individuals with crushing their workouts and maintaining consistent energy levels to help reduce the dreaded crash or inevitable glycogen depletion that stems from intense training sessions.

REPP Sports was built behind the “No BS” mentality, just pure supplements with exceptional results and effects.

Switching Focus

Our limited edition attachment to the Broken Arrow family, Hail Storm, was completely transformed by the addition of our patented ingredient, CitraFuze™.

This specific ingredient will change the way you forever look at pre-workouts with its intense mental focus and energy attributes.


Spiked Fruit Punch – 30 Servings, Guava Melon – 30 Servings, Sour Gummy – 30 Servings, Lime Ice – 30 Servings, Hail Storm – 30 Servings, Voodoo – 30 Servings, Galaxy Burst – 30 Servings, Rainbow – 30 Servings, Lemon Italian Ice – 40 Servings, Sunny Tea – 40 Servings, Gold Rush – 40 Servings

68 reviews for Broken Arrow ELITE Pre-Workout

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  1. Jason Pfannschmidt

    This stuff is unreal. Should actually be called Powerthirst, aka the og YouTube energy meme. Best pre-workout of all time. This shit made me literally feel like superman. Definitely going to be using this from now on. Might try something different than the sour gummy worm tho.

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  2. Cris Bernard

    I love the Rainbow pre-workout, it has a amazing taste. I truly recommend this flavor to others who haven’t tried it yet.

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  3. Jason Ammon

    Great fuel for your workouts. Helps with intensity and duration. The workouts just aren’t the same without this product.

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  4. Theodore Burris (verified owner)

    I am Super Duper in love with this preworkout, its every thing I want out of my supplement, the energy outlasts my bodie’s physical endurance, I cant wait to get stronger so that I can use this to its full capacity.

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  5. tmon3yaot

    Guava Melon is pretty good. I am not a huge fan of either flavor to begin with, but it was much better than I expected! Def good for someone who enjoys them!

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  6. Ambrosia

    Absolutly Amazing from the taste to boost. Hands down the best one I’ve tasted. Definitely recommend

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  7. dakota

    Great pump, top tier energy for hours. I crashed every time I tried this. Never usually crash from caffiene or stimulants. Still, It’s not losing a star because the duration exceeds any other pre-workout or energy supplement I’ve used; with better doses of aminos than most other companies. Most of the flavors are immaculate, except the hailstorm, which was so bad I almost threw it away. Voodoo is like an exotic candy. Gummy is exactly like a gummy. Lime ice is like a nice Virgin cocktail. Guava melon, need I say more? They nail it on the head on every point.

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  8. Jack Lloyd Hill

    Absolutely amazing product, I use this product almost everyday it’s also very tasty and just an amazing product

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  9. Daniel Hess II

    I love the lime ice pre workout. It iby far my favorite. I haven’t used any other pre work out since starting with broken arrow it is truly phenomenal.

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  10. Joseph Almlie

    Best pre workout I have ever taken. Highly recommend if you want a good pump and high energy throughout the whole workout and mind body focus.

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  11. drmgiver (verified owner)

    Simply the best pre-workout there is. There is no second.

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  12. Clinton Tash (verified owner)

    I am in Love with Broken Arrow, best pumps I’ve ever had and the Sour Gummy tastes incredible. Definitely my new go to.

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  13. Tyler Clark

    Normally don’t do reviews, but Sour gummy was by far the best flavor I’ve ever tried. Normally pre is either too sweet, has a bad after taste, or just a bad taste in general. This however, actually tasted like the description and had zero aftertaste. Not to mention the fall as this pre wore off was pleasant. I didn’t crash, shake, or become anxious. It was a slow, calm finish that I couldn’t find something to complain about if i tried. During the pump I had and intense focus, plenty of energy, and the desire to move without the harsh sensation I’ve gotten from others. I can say I honestly enjoyed this product.

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  14. Sam Skulas

    Easy use with a great boost! With a great taste!

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  15. Alex Dillon

    Great pre. Great taste and kicks in right when you need it and will last your entire workout.

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  16. Maciej

    This is elite tier I can’t workout without this product anymore I’m so happy they’ve released this

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  17. Jeramie

    Got to be one of the most amazing boost I have ever gotten from a pre workout. The flavor is also impossible to beat.

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  18. switchaob (verified owner)

    Best pump I ever had, voodoo tastes amazing

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  19. Alan Chambers (verified owner)

    A really good tasting and effective pre workout that you can feel the difference in!!

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  20. David Weidemann

    Broken arrow has got to be the best pre workout I have used. I make my own pre workout and broken arrow has really good ingredients. I was skeptical about the caffeine, however, it works.

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  21. Eric McKinney (verified owner)

    Sour gummy worms broken arrow pre-work out is pretty darn good. The flavor is pretty great, but it makes me smoke my workouts.

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  22. Cameron Shank

    The best, cleanest ninja like focus I’ve ever felt!!!

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  23. Bradley

    Love it! Has a little extra kick in it vs most other pre workouts, no jitters or crash. Phenomenal work on this product, I will be buying more in the near future!

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  24. Aden

    I don’t usually leave reviews, but I tried the sour gummy worms and I was blown away. Hands down one of the best pre workouts I’ve tried. Was expecting to crash mid workout but it honestly did not happen. Definitely recommend this, tried a handful of brands and this one is #1 without a doubt.

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  25. Christopher Lacasse

    I am 53 years old and used to be an avid lifter during my late 20s and into my 30s while I was in the active Army. I’ve tried many energy drinks and powders and have only found maybe a couple that work. Of course with a few months tow year or so, they get taken off the market for whatever reason. In all honesty, the RAVE energy drinks do not seem to do anything more for me then any of the other drinks I find presently on the market today. HOWEVER…. the pre-workout powders I received in my Ambassadors pack were OUTSTANDING!!! Long has it been that after only just a couple of longs sips, I start to feel my skin tingle and get a little bit jittery. A feeling I’m use to from my days of doing supplement stacks from the big name supplement companies. I do only wish that there was more then just one flavor here to choose from.

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  26. jeffraygooch

    Unfreaking real! I am 58 years old and have tried about every drink on the market, this is the most intense, pump maxing drink i have tried yet. You will be sore the next day because you can PUSH harder than i have in years. Only problem is if you drink it after 5:00 PM you will be up all night lol. I cut back to half a dose and still was up until 11:00. Buying more NOW!

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  27. Bob Ulrich (verified owner)

    Hail Storm is the best pre that I have tried. Makes for a great workout!

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  28. Bob Ulrich (verified owner)

    Hail Storm is the best pre that I have tried. Makes for a great workout!

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  29. Dustin Knodel moatst

    This is the best

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  30. Dave Johnson

    Had Voodu can’t wait to try the Fruit Punch. I’ve tried every Pre you can think of and Broken Arrow is smashing most out there. Hits you as soon as you drink it.

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  31. Tristian

    these products are are extremely helpful I’m giving this 5 stars

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    Great product. Broken Arrow tastes great mixes easily and gives me the kick I need. My wife loves it as well

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  33. Brandon Adams

    Hail Storm is my favorite. Love the taste.Had great workouts using it.

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  34. Damien Kvanda (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the Hail Storm broken arrow! Have yet to find another pre workout that delivers a better pump.

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  35. linkous.family10 (verified owner)

    By far the best I have ever tried. I went to a supplement store and asked what they had that was similar so I could check prices. He looked at the ingredients and said “stick with this” then wanted to know where to get it because he wanted some.

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  36. Keith Maldomado

    So. I’ve been Gym rat for over 20yrs. Going back to the original Ultimate ????.I have used many pre workouts. Broken Arrow is in the top 5 in relation to what’s out there OTC now.
    Thanks REPP.
    P.S. rhe thermogenics are crazy….

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  37. David (verified owner)

    I’m probably the first person not using it for pre workout but instead for gaming. I am an avid energy drink drinker to the point that my entire wall of my room is covered in a wall of cans stacked to the ceiling and I can say this stuff is strong. I never feel the drive and energy I get from this even if the caffeine is the same in other energy drinks. Like seriously I don’t know what you guys are doing but this drink is insane my reaction times are way faster, I’ve actually tested it. My normal reaction time is 208ms which is already good but when I drink this it’s 140ms which is absolutely insane! Just a few ms may not seem like a lot but to a gamer it’s what makes or breaks the fight.

    (8) (4)
  38. Ryan S

    I had a sample of Broken Arrow from my sample pack. Sour Gummy was the flavor. I finally had it this morning to try it out.
    I’ve been a hardcore Cellucor guy for years, but I think I’ll be dropping C4 at the very least. Broken Arrow whooped my ass this morning!
    I’m build a work out and meal plan now and I’m researching what else you guys offer to see what I can fold into my plan!
    I’ve got to try the Hail Storm flavor!

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  39. John Gifford

    Been taking different pre-workouts for 4 years this stuff is the best their is. Advice start with half of scoop built up from there.

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  40. Jeff Ort

    This stuff is addicting, best pre I’ve had so far

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  41. landon reinhardt

    I haven’t used another pre-workout for 7 months except Broken Arrow, that’s when I discovered it. It’s maxed with ingredients and two types of caffeine which you can definitely notice the longer lasting energy and focus. Next time you take it pay attention to how zoned in you are, the mental focus is incredible! The new Hail Storm is amazing too with the new formula – both are the best out there imo.

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  42. Brandon M

    I just did my first workout back in the gym! It was a light one, but with the products I have from Repp Sports I know the intensity and focus will increase as I get back in the swing of things.

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  43. Steven D.

    this stuff is amazing and worth every penny i paid… by far the best pre workout ive tried in taste energy and results! will definatly be ordering again

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  44. C.J. C.

    Been using it for about a month as well as several other of their products and I am blown away by how awesome this stuff is!!! I take it in the morning before going to work and it actually gets me through most of my day with ease, but when I take it for a workout it helps me keep my intensity levels up!!!
    No I’m not paid by the company! I just like supporting good products and good companies that offer solid quality and REPP Sports and RAZE Energy Insiders have helped me shed over 100 lbs in the last year!!!!

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  45. Granger Tempte

    I didn’t believe the ads I saw when it said it’s the strongest pre-workout, but now I see why they say that….

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  46. Rob K

    I have just used it today for the first time. This is the only preworkout that I can only use half of the packet. It sure raised my body temp and focus. I really didn’t feel much of a pump yet. I am going to give it a few weeks to see what happens with it. Usually after a few days my tolerance level goes up. After 4 hours I am finally starting to feel it wear off. ( I kinda took the full packet and wont do that again until I feel ready )

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  47. Jesse I.

    This stuff makes you feel a huge rush, you’ll clean the house after a workout… yes I just did that

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  48. Chad R.

    I tried broken arrow hailstorm, before my leg workout yesterday. One word, amazing!

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  49. Chris H.

    So far the best pre workout I used bad ass stuff get some amazing workouts

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  50. scott e szala

    have to say i tried the free samples with no expectations and pleasantly surprised with results. got quite a rush with a lot of energy and really good pump. The flavor is very good and sweet. I will be buying some more for sure.

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  51. Danielle Richardson

    I got the free samples and it’s by far the best pre workout I’ve ever tried! It’s really strong! You get ten packets, however,I only use a half of a packet and it’s plenty! So technically there are 20 servings, if you’re like me!

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  52. Ashley c

    So I ordered the 10pk of samples and got all of the spiked punch. I’m MASSIVELY disappointed that it taste like straight coconut water and basically no other “punch” type flavor. Malibu rum. So gross. But, if you hate coconut and you can power through it, you WILL have an excellent workout. Today I did 10oz of water with one packet. I’m usually a LIT preworkout gal so in comparison, I actually like that this doesn’t give you the immediate tingle. It waited until I started sweating to make me feel like a crackhead, which just made me push harder. I lifted heavier and longer than I have in months. Longer on the elliptical than I’ve lasted in a while with a previous knee injury. I feel great. The only downside I have found is I sat down at the end of my workout to give myself a slight rest before I changed shoes and headed out and I felt a MASSIVE crash. I’ve been at the gym for about 2 hours and once I stopped workout out, I crashed. I’m ready to take a nap now.

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  53. Ruben Hernandez

    This stuff is legit! Im not very motivated to work out at home, however a scoop really wakes me up and helps me tackle my day. It gets me in a great mood with a blast of energy. After doing the samples, i just ordered a tub and cant wait to receive it!

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  54. Dylan (verified owner)

    So… got some sample packs from the raze energy stuff and went to go try broken arrow.. Definitely a high stim super crazy pre work out. I know i shouldn’t be in the gym for 3 hours but I just kept going this 100% kept me going from start to finish, great focus, awesome energy, and extreme pump! Just be careful if you go from a lower stim pre workout to this it’ll hit you hard and drink it as it says 30 min before hand and be slow about it. The only down fall is the flavors, Spiked punch and guava melon were ok and the gummy bear was awesome so I’d suggest gummy bear, and I haven’t tried the Lime yet but will soon. I suggest you try the sample packs before you spend 40 dollars on something you don’t like.

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  55. Tim

    Recieved my parcel of the Voodoo Raze and in there were sample packets. Not only was the Guave Melon ON POINT so was my workout. Laser focus. Got the job done and I’m going to be investing in some of this product here soon. Won me over on one sample packet. Just want to know what the other flavors are like.

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  56. Paul K

    I’ve been using preworkout supplements for about 2 and a half years. I do enjoy high stim preworkouts like Pump Fuel Insanity and Shatter Revolution, which have 325 and 300mg caffeine respectively. When I got my sample pack of Broken Arrow, I knew it’d be a bit stronger than those. A bit is an understatement. I took it around 645 AM on my way to the gym and I felt fully stimulated to the point of uncomfortability through 6 PM, with my heart rate hovering around 98 the entire day. This is not for the faint of heart. I had a fantastic workout but was stimulated for far too long. Other than the irregularly high stim, this is a fantastic pre workout. I would suggest adding some theanine to it in order to curb the jitters, and if I can find a sustainable way to do that I may begin using this product. If caffeine content was cut to 250-300mg, I would also consider using this product more.

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  57. Ashley

    As a pre workout fanatic, I love trying new ones when I hear about them or get them suggested to me from my local supp store rep and this one was AMAZING! The flavor was spot on to what it said it was and my pump was ridiculous. I’ve tried tons of pre workouts and even have repped a few fitness companies but this one by far is the best- no harsh tingle, no ridiculously spiked body temp, it’s perfect. I wouldn’t recommend this for newbies, but if you are feelin like you’re in a rut, this will definitely help! I literally couldn’t stop working out because my body wasn’t tired. I did about a 2hr workout with tons of heavy lifting and “cardino” and was still filled with energy. I didn’t crash either! Definitely suggest this p.o. It lasts a long time and gives you one of the best pumps you’ll have. 10/10!

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  58. Riley

    The guava melon and lime ice are the my favorite flavors! It is a really good preworkout. I had insane focus and the pump is great! But I did have bad crashes which is the only negative thing about this product. I think I would purchase again (even though Ive already purchased the product twice) if there was a little less caffeine but it might be perfect for others with a higher tolerance.

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  59. Isaac

    Been using Pre-workouts for years and this is my favorite so far. I usually switch my pre-workouts after each bottle but don’t plan on changing out this one.

    The Sour Gummy is a great flavor. They all taste really good and the energy/focus is perfect. Doesn’t jitter you out and there’s no crash.

    Great blend for endurance and NO as well. 5 stars!

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  60. John L

    Where to start!? Ive tried so many pre-workouts in the last 8 years but this is by far my favorite. The focus blend is so on point in this product, I feel like a different person! And the taste is amazing! Be careful though, when they say one scoop, they mean one scoop !

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  61. Krista

    Broken Arrow is truly a masterpiece.. AMAZING FLAVORS and the perfect balance between pump and energy that keeps me going and able to crush workouts and break PR’s! This pre-workout makes me feel like an unstoppable tank, If anyone is looking for a pre-workout that is the complete package plus more, this I highly recommend!

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  62. Jacob Sandefur

    This is one of better preworkouts I’ve ever tried. The focus provided by the combination of caffeine(s), l-tyrosine, ALCAR, and alpha GPC is incredible. I’m sure the 2-aminoisoheptane doesn’t hurt, but I am unfamiliar with it other than what I read after buying this product. I mix ~3g creatine hcl in, and take all the Bvitamims when I take it; and it gives me a feeling similar to old school Superpump where I am just angry that I’m not lifting more weight right that second. definitely long lasting as I train a few hours, and then I get home and clean my house like a maniac for 3 hours until it wears off. My only complaints are that the amount of alpha gpc is too low to reliably produce a spike in hgh, and I worry about the safety profile of 2-aminoisoheptane(2-amino-6methylheptane?) as I have not seen enough research.

    (3) (0)
  63. Joshua

    Now days all pre workouts are either pump focused or high stim based. This is the perfect blend of both. Finally someone focused on making a real true preworkout and not one or the other. I have always had to spend extra money to buy a stim based pre with a pump just to get the most out of my workouts but now thanks to Broken Arrow I got both covered in one product!!

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  64. wesley

    Very good pre workout with a very well rounded, thought out nutrient profile. It completely crushes any other pre workout ive ever tried, but seriously take with caution as it can be very intense. I only wish it showed how many calories it has in it, because some can be very calorically dense. Otherwise, highly recommended!

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  65. Miguel Juarez

    great pre workout

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  66. Ashley (verified owner)

    My gf gave me a sample she had gotten from her job at the gym. Let me tell you, WOW! I‚Äôve tried pretty much every pre workout there is. Even the ones that got ‚Äúremoved‚Äù for reasons we all know why. I took this supplement 1 hour before I went to the gym. Immediately started feeling the beta alanine which I love! But then, once I did my first set … holy sh*t pumps were crazy, sets were all until failure! Not only did I have one of the best workouts ever this EUPHORIC feeling came about! Here it is 5 hours later and I‚Äôm still on top of the world! This is by far the best supplement I‚Äôve tried and will definitely be purchasing a few bottles.

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  67. Luis Kovakks

    This product leaves you tired…but only because it allows you to kill your workouts!!! I have never been able to pump out so many reps of the weight I’ve been struggling with. The taste is UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    If I really wanted to I can sip on this product all day long just for the flavor alone. The combination of intensity and flavor are like nothing I’ve encountered before in a preworkout.

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  68. Jeremy Hernandez

    My workouts have changed since using this product. I have more energy and longer workouts now and my results are incredible! I have the Guava Melon flavor and I love how this tastes. I’m going to try the Spike Punch next.

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