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RECOV-7 Intra-Workout Recovery

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RECOV-7 is a revolutionary complete recovery product featuring 7 key elements shown to aid in recovery, hydration, and focus.

  • BCAAs
  • EAAs
  • Hydrating Electrolytes
  • Focus Enhancing Nootropics

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RECOV-7: Recovery Aid

A Revolution in Recovery

7 Key
Electrolyte Blend
Recovery Matrix

The New Standard

RECOV-7 is a revolutionary complete recovery product featuring 7 key elements shown to aid in recovery, hydration, and focus. We start with the BCAA/EAA matrix.

The RECOV-7 BCAA/EAA matrix contains all 9 essential amino acids for optimal muscle recovery intra and post workout.

Most BCAA products contain just 3 amino acids, but leave out the other 6 that your body needs and that play a crucial role in the muscle recovery process. We didn’t want to cut any corners, and wanted a product that produced maximal results, so Recov-7 includes all 9 to ensure peak recovery and performance.

But we don’t just stop there…




Hydration is Key

Without proper hydration any recovery or performance efforts are simply less effective.

In Recov-7 we’ve added an Electrolyte blend that is filled with 400mg of effective electrolytes that have been proven to help your body rehydrate at a faster rate and keep your hydration levels balanced during long workouts or just throughout the day.

Coconut Water Power is also added to reinforce the electrolyte blend. Coconut water has been studied to have an abundant amount of electrolytes like magnesium. A pubmed study found that coconut water restored hydration better than water and equal to high electrolyte sports drinks.

While most companies would stop there and call it a day, we knew there was plenty more we could do to create the BEST recovery product possible…

Optimize Performance

We also included Glutamine to help support protein synthesis and muscle recovery.

Taurine to reduce fatigue and give you a boost in stamina and endurance.

And finally Choline Bitartrate and Tyrosine to give you that extra focus in the gym. It’s easy to get distracted by the person next to your or thinking about what happened earlier in the day. These two ingredients will keep you focused and dialed in.

Mix one scoop of Recov-7 with water or your drink of choice for optimal results. If you’re a gym warrior and need max recovery, hydration, and focus, then go all in with 2 scoops.

Recov-7 is for both men or women who are looking for muscle recovery, hydration and focus.


Gummy Bears – 40 Servings, Sour Apple Kiwi – 40 Servings, Tropical Rainbow – 40 Servings

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  1. Stefan Morales

    I tried the sour kiwi apple and it’s very amazing. Only two things they should change about this product. Use a shorter and wider container or a scooper with a longer handle. My hand barely fits and makes scooping a pain.

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  2. Damien Kvanda (verified owner)

    Recov7 is by far the best BCAA mix on the market! I mix a scoop of the Gummy Bears with a scoop of Tropical Rainbow and It is delicious. Definitely a must have after any strenuous exercise to replenish everything your body is sweating out!

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  3. Dennis B.

    I’ve tried both the Gummy Bears and Tropical Rainbow and both taste amazing! Out of all the intra and post workout drinks I’ve had, this one by far works the best for recovery and is the best tasting. The ingredient stack in Recov is genius!

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  4. Dan Ryan (verified owner)

    I have had a a lot of different Post workout drinks. This by far is the best I have had. After going on a good run I really enjoy having a nice cold glass of gummy bears 🐻 which is my favorite.

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  5. jones_jj (verified owner)

    Just tried the all new gummy bear Recov-7 and it is legit!! Flavor is on point…tastes like a handful of gummy bears popped in your mouth. Besides the flavor, I was drinking this while working out and I’m not feeling sore after a killer upper body workout.

    Give this 👍👍

    1 out of 2 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
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