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RAZE Energy – 12ct Case

(207 customer reviews)
  • 12 Pack
  • Hydrating Energy†
  • Rapid Restorative Recovery†
  • Intensified Stamina†
  • Razor Sharp Mental Focus†
  • No Crash AT ALL!†
  • Zero Sugar†

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†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended  to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.





Razing The Bar

Raze Energy takes a giant leap of faith with instilling a high quality formula to bring the consumer a powerful yet sustained, energetic experience to help push your workouts and focus in general to the very next level.

Perfect for anyone at anytime, Raze Energy has become the most popular and best rated energy drink on the market to date with a phenomenal flavor profile that puts most competitors to shame.




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Powered by the enhanced REFRESH technology, Raze Energy delivers with a performance enhancing energy drink profile that aids in the most often overlooked categories. We wanted to develop and energy drink that aids in multiple different categories which includes; Targeted focus, enhanced recovery time as glycogen becomes depleted, improved clean energy levels, boost in stamina and hydration.

Most importantly, each can of Raze Energy has absolutely zero calories, zero sugar and zero carbohydrates to give you a smarter and healthier option.

You shouldn’t have to settle for an energy drink that contains more sugar and carbohydrates than you can count. Instead, opt for the smart choice with the #1 fan voted energy drink on the market to date with Raze Energy.

RE(FRESH) With Raze

Not only is our RE(FRESH) technology a complete game changer but the wide variety of flavor options and crowd sourced additions to the Raze family make up one of the highest quality energy drink choices you could ever choose from.

With certain flavors being more simplistic all the way to industry first’s — there is never a bad option when looking for the perfect flavor.

Weight10 kg

Berries & Cream, Baja Lime, South Beach, Voodoo, Apollo, Galaxy Burst, Guava Mango, Strawberry Colada, Sour Gummy Worms, Watermelon Frost, Phantom Freeze, RAZE Energy Variety Pack 3, Grape Bubblegum, Raze Energy Variety Pack 1, Raze Energy Variety Pack 2, Rainbow, White Peach, Juice Box, Frankensour, Mystery Flavor, Holiday Mystery Flavor, Strawberry Lemonade, Blue Shock, Prickly Pear, Sour Rainbow, April Mystery Flavor, Lemon Italian Ice, June Mystery Flavor, Sunny Tea, Gold Rush, Zombooze, Ginger Ale, Melon Apple Shock

207 reviews for RAZE Energy – 12ct Case

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  1. Mary Brouillette (verified owner)

    These are my ultimate go to for an afternoon pick up. They taste great and give you energy without the crash. The Watermelon Frost, Sunny Tea, and Ginger Ale are definitely flavor favs too!

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  2. number1ambassador

    Absolutely higher quality wise then bang,monster, redbull, reign, etc. You can definitely feel the kick but it slowly declines as you carry on with your day theres no crash or headache or body ache! No regrets with telling all my friends and co workers to purchase because they agree and love it too. Raze your expectations and help take over the game!

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  3. Jason Pfannschmidt (verified owner)

    As a pretty regular user of caffeine on a daily basis, I’d grown tired of the chalkiness of G-Fuel, the disgusting earthy aftertaste of MAW, and the lack of any boost from similar-ish products like BANG, Ghost, Monster, Red Bull, Reign, etc.

    All I can say is WOW. This hits harder than a G Fuel & Dunkin Donuts coffee combined, but not in a jittery way. The only other time I’ve felt as locked in was when I used to be on ADHD medication back in the day. No headaches, crashes or other side affects for me, personally. I would advise, if you’re not used to energy drinks with 300mg of caffeine, definitely try only doing half a can first. Have only tried a couple mystery unreleased flavors they sent me as well as Berries N Cream and the taste is absolutely top notch. I currently have a case of Apollo on the way, along with more Berries N Cream.

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  4. Abigail Mawhirter

    Previously I’ve mainly used the Broken Arrow Preworkout powder, which I have really loved. But today I used a can of Raze Energy to aid in my migraine recovery, and it was so helpful! It provided caffeine and hydration, both helping me to start feeling more “human” again after being bedridden most of the day. Thanks Raze!

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  5. Abigail Mawhirter

    I used a can of Raze Energy to aid in my migraine recovery, and it was so helpful! It provided caffeine and hydration, both helping me to start feeling more “human” again after being bedridden most of the day. Thanks Raze!

    Image #1 from Abigail Mawhirter
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  6. Scott Garman (verified owner)

    great taste ! went through 18 cases

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  7. zachwhisman101

    This stuff is an absolute game changer not only do i drink this stuff i support it especially sour gummy worm and frankensour they are so good must try them yourself.

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  8. Frank Burkett (verified owner)

    This is by far one of the popular flavors in my area.

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  9. Frank Burkett (verified owner)

    Very fruity and quenching

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  10. Tyler Rataiczak (verified owner)

    I am absolutely in love with Raze and I especially love the Voodoo flavor. Had to order it again after trying it in the sample pack.

    Image #1 from Tyler Rataiczak
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  11. Andrew Bryant (verified owner)

    i tried all the flavors you have so far there all great there way better tasting they taste way better then the competition the way i see it RAZE energy is the most steady and clean energy i had keep it up fam

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  12. Nate W

    All flavors I’ve had taste much better than any competition! Very good

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  13. Jason Ammon

    Clean energy at it’s finest. Steady energy without the shakes. No crashing. Flavors are awesome.

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  14. Richard Hughes (verified owner)

    The cleanest testing energy drink that I’ve had. Good solid flavoring without the metallic after taste. There’s a reason I’m willing to wait two weeks for my order to arrive in California.

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  15. Daniellf Green

    I absolutely LOVE these energy drinks. Before I found Raze I searched everywhere but all other drinks tasted so nasty!! These taste great!! I love every single flavor I’ve tried and I plan on trying all of them. These drinks not only taste good but help me get motivated for my work days. Keep making them and I’ll be a lifetime lover of these drinks!!

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  16. Livingtyler23 (verified owner)

    I love me some voodoo and Baja lime so good and south beach is up there too

    Image #1 from Livingtyler23
    Image #2 from Livingtyler23
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  17. tmon3yaot


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  18. Elias Dev. (verified owner)

    Best flavors are Baja Lime and Apollo! They really do give you no crash, and i cannot wait to order more. Give it a shot!!!

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  19. Richard Gosnell Jr (verified owner)

    I have tried most of not all the raze energy that is available and they have been amazing. Hands down better than most energy drinks I have purchased in the past. So far my two favorite flavors are the south beach and the new juice box. No more purchasing other energy drinks. Raze and repp sports will be my go to always. Looking forward to the next flavors coming out. Would be nice to see some energy flavored teas like monsters rehab.

    Image #1 from Richard Gosnell Jr
    Image #2 from Richard Gosnell Jr
    Image #3 from Richard Gosnell Jr
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  20. Dan Casale (verified owner)

    As a former ——- energy addict, I can say WITHOUT A DOUBT this is the best energy drink on the market! Flavors unparalleled and the energy is ‘clean’ and steady!

    Image #1 from Dan Casale
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  21. Stephanie h

    I have not come across a flavor I haven’t loved. These are the only energy drinks I will use now and there is no turning back. Great tastes, no crash and no crazy jitters or anything. Highly recommend.

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  22. Brandon Clouse (verified owner)

    Hands down, greatest energy drink Ive ever had. Raze doesnt cause a crash like some competitors do. I have no tingly feeling or upset stomach. They taste excellent! Will always be my number 1 choice!

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  23. Karl Bengston (verified owner)

    Hands down the best energy drink out there!

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  24. Karl Bengston (verified owner)

    Hands down the best energy drink out there!

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  25. Lindsey strickland

    Love these energy drinks! Perfect boost for your day!

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  26. Lindsey strickland

    Love these energy drinks! Perfect boost for your day!

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  27. collinsjamie56 (verified owner)

    Raze Energy tastes PHENOMENAL! I use to be a Bang Energy Kinda guy, but When I tried Raze, I was sold! Definitely a drink that taste great and gives you long lasting energy with NO CRASH.

    Image #1 from collinsjamie56
    Image #2 from collinsjamie56
    Image #3 from collinsjamie56
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  28. Dj Dj (verified owner)

    Voodoo and strawberry are the best flavors way better then any other energy drink I’ve had

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  29. Stephanie J

    I love RAZE energy drinks. My favorite is strawberry coloda & I can’t wait to try them all.

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  30. Wyatt Chambers (verified owner)

    Honestly the best stuff I have tried, it really works and keeps me going the entire day without a crash. Have yet to have a flavor that doesn’t satisfy my taste buds

    Image #1 from Wyatt Chambers
    Image #2 from Wyatt Chambers
    Image #3 from Wyatt Chambers
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  31. Zack (verified owner)

    Dooooo iiiiittttt. I promise you won’t regret it. 10/10. Best energy drink out there.

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  32. Zack (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best energy drink on the market. The flavors are great, the new and limited flavors are exciting and delicious. If you’re still reading this because you’re somehow still undecided, stop. Make the purchase. It’s legit.

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  33. Lance.M (verified owner)

    great drinks! every drink I have I never have a single crash.

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  34. Nick Rush (verified owner)

    RAZE is the best energy drink I’ve had. I’ve had no crashes after drinking, and Voodoo is my #1 favorite. No one in my area knows about it in my area but all my friends know about it now because of me.

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  35. Nicholas Jansen (verified owner)

    Just got my case of the Juice box flavor and it is definitely one of my new favorite flavors!! The thing I love about raze is that it is not too sweet and overpowering like other competitors and just the right amount of flavor without being too carbonated. My personal favorites have to be South Beach, Rainbow Candy, and Juice Box for sure with an honorable mention of strawberry lemonade. Can’t wait for new flavors to come out because they’ll Raze has been on a roll pushing these new flavors out and each one is amazing.

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  36. Cameron Shank (verified owner)

    Best tasting energy drinks out!!!

    Image #1 from Cameron Shank
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  37. Genna (verified owner)

    I love these Raze Energy and I have been loving being a part of these company!! SOUR GUMMY WORMS IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE!!

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  38. Charitee Palmer (verified owner)

    I have tried every flavor and I love them all. I 100% reccomend trying and bet you’ll be hooked like me.

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  39. Mike

    Great product!! Taste is perfect and not to pricey. Would highly recommend you buy these

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  40. drmgiver (verified owner)

    “Bang, what?”. Get it. You won’t be disappointed.

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  41. Geovanni Silva (verified owner)

    Quality Over Quantity! Hands down the best energy drink without the crash, the flavors are very smooth and not overpowering like redbull or monster! I gave up coffee and redbull due to crashing during my night shifts/workouts and Raze has me sold on their energy drinks, definitely buying more cases in the near future.

    Image #1 from Geovanni Silva
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  42. Clinton Collins

    One of my favorite flavors is the white peach ????! It has a fantastic flavor contrast.

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  43. Jason B. Krueger

    I love this stuff!!!

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  44. Evan Emery (verified owner)

    Best energy drinks I’ve come across, and the to go packs are super convenient too! Great looking cans that always seems to start a convo with someone and the flavors are INSANE! Apollo, Rainbow and Voodoo are my top three but honestly you can’t go wrong. Love the sales and the swag too!

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  45. rmckeown93 (verified owner)

    I love their energy drinks just wish they were in more stores around me.

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  46. Hayden Zobell

    These are the perfect energy drink! All the flavors are so good and at an affordable price too. My favorite kind is the Baja lime, it always hits the spot for me!

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  47. Beth

    The berries and cream flavor is amazing. All the flavors are good.

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  48. Tony Gjerdahl

    Raze Energy is my go-to drink before and during a workout. The flavors are incredible, the cans look great and you simply cannot beat the price!

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  49. wlfd44 (verified owner)

    Love my raze. Its by far the best energy drink I have ever had. Don’t really get the jitters or the crash keeps me awake for a long time. Can’t wait to try the flavors they come out with in the future. So far not a single flavor has been bad

    Image #1 from wlfd44
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  50. Melvin Oyama

    Literally love the flavors I’ve tried so far!! Definitely better than bang!!

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  51. paulegraner

    Great flavor only have had one but it’s honestly better than the bang apple

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  52. Daniel (verified owner)

    Raze energy drinks are my go-to carbonated drink to get up and go! The flavors are amazing, and the energy and hydration are are top notch with no crash!

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  53. Blake Hulett (verified owner)

    This stuff right here makes you wanna slap yo momma

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  54. Sam Skulas

    Smooth tasting with great flavor our organization loves it. Like we say let’s Raze together and Rally Up!

    Image #1 from Sam Skulas
    Image #2 from Sam Skulas
    Image #3 from Sam Skulas
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  55. Jack Wright (verified owner)

    By far one of the best energy drinks I’ve had????????. Cant go back to the other ones I use to drink

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  56. Chloe Sims (verified owner)

    Freaking love RAZE, ever since I started drinking these I’ve had decent energy. Yet to have a moment of sleepiness after having one. I’m able to keep my mind boosted while running farm equipment and the focus is amazing.

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  57. Ionic Wolf (verified owner)

    One of the best energy drinks I’ve had out of my year trying new ones that come out. So far Sour gummy is my favorite. Do recommend!

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  58. Ionic Wolf (verified owner)

    One of the best energy drinks I’ve had out of my year trying new ones that come out. So far Sour gummy is my favorite. Do recommend!

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  59. jonathan geisenhof (verified owner)

    I love this stuff. Being in the military I work off hours and long days but this gives me the energy to get those workouts in. Loving the white peach and south beach but Baja will always be my favorite.

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  60. Robert Whitter

    Best flavors! Galaxy burst and voodoo are really good! I’ve not drank energy drinks since the competitors all taste like cough syrup. Raze came out of no where and and changed the game for me. The flavor is strong with every sip and it delivers the energy and focus it promises. The best part is the zero calorie and sugar mark!

    Image #1 from Robert Whitter
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  61. Jennie Marsh (verified owner)

    This stuff is top of the line and you don’t get the crash like all the rest. Best part is there is zero sugar, zero calories. Electrolytes

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  62. Daniel Beverly

    One of my Coworkers had an extra can of Voodoo. She let me try it since I was dragging at work. I gotta say in throughly impressed with the taste and boost.

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  63. Kristopher (verified owner)

    All in all I have tried the 3 variety sets and I do enjoy them alot not a fan of the grape bubblegum. I am waiting to get the new flavors though. This product helped me in so many ways. I have never been so proud of real energy.

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  64. Tony

    I really only drink a few energy drinks a week, and I find I keep reaching for more Raze. I was buying this stuff 1 can at a time at a local store until I realized I could buy entire cases and sample packs online!

    Sour gummy worms is the best, imo

    Image #1 from Tony
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  65. Caleigh Donaghe

    Whether I am trying to start my day, headed to train, or staying up late gaming with my brothers—it’s always RAZE! EVERY flavor tastes delicious, and there is a flavor for EVERY mood!

    Image #1 from Caleigh Donaghe
    Image #2 from Caleigh Donaghe
    Image #3 from Caleigh Donaghe
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  66. Devin

    10/10 flavor! Loving everything they come out with! Pick me for the giveaway please!

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  67. vincent shenefelt

    it was my first time trying drinks from this company and i loved every flavor i received (voodoo is probably the greatest flavor by far in my opinion). it wasnt way to sweat and i didnt suffer from a crash. all around the drinks were good and i was very happy with every drink

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  68. Bobby Crawford Jr (verified owner)

    The flavors are great and they always have new flavors to choose from. Thank u for the multiple flavors. Thank u for making me an ambassador.

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  69. Bobby Crawford Jr (verified owner)

    The flavors are great and they always have new flavors to choose from. Thank u for the multiple flavors

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  70. Adam Dennis (verified owner)

    RAZE energy has been THE only choice for me since my switch in early 2021. The non-bitter aftertaste, the variety of flavors, and the delayed release caffeine has gotten me through many sleepless nights with a newborn. Highly, highly, highly recommend!!

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  71. Carter Robinson (verified owner)

    Sour gummy worm is my favorite. As soon as I first had one I fell in love. I never feel tired while drinking this, and I actually feel good when I drink this as well. Highly recommend the variety pack to see what flavor you like best.

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  72. Brandon Hall

    While all RAZE Energy drinks are top notch, I must say the Voodoo flavor is hands down the best of the whole line up! This tastes like a refreshing orange cream ice cream bar but without all of the sweet and sugar nonsense! Best served cold, this one you MUST try! The no crash, and intense focus with all of these is what sets RAZE apart from the pretenders. The orange and black can with the graphics are also very appealing! Great work RAZE Energy! -Brandon

    Image #1 from Brandon Hall
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  73. Stephanie farling (verified owner)

    I love the sour gummy worms drink the best so far. The taste is absolutely amazing and I can’t tell that it doesn’t have sugar. They help me get energized to tackle my day. I would recommend these drinks to all my friends

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  74. Jeremy Cady (verified owner)

    Y’all need to try them. So good with no crash.. hands down probably my favorite energy drinks

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  75. Destanie Farmer

    The sour gummy worms is VERY delicious! Taste exactly like sour gummy worms. Best part no sugar but gives that great taste. No crash either!

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  76. thechallenger65 (verified owner)

    By far the best tasting energy drink on the market, there are so many great flavors, and I feel no crash and have energy all day.

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  77. Eric McKinney (verified owner)

    I love sour gummy worm, voodoo, and phantom freeze. Those are my favorites in that order. Great energy and no crash.

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  78. Bernardo Giron (verified owner)

    I tried the sample case and was instantly hooked by Sour Gummy and Galaxy Burst. I liked monster but I never drank energy drinks much. After trying raze though, I would say I’m a fan. The drinks have such great flavors. Personally my favorites are White peach and Galaxy Burst but almost every flavor hasn’t let me down. Try it and I doubt you’ll be going back to monster

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  79. Zach Hilliard (verified owner)

    The best energy drink on the market! Best flavors and best experience I have ever had!

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  80. Brandon Williams (verified owner)

    Every flavor that I’ve tried has been amazing. Favorites have been South Beach and some of the LTOs, but they’re all solid. The energy is great too, feel refreshed most of the day off one can.

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  81. bnate58 (verified owner)

    Awesome drink and awesome company

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  82. Susan Travis (verified owner)

    I love South Beach, Voodoo & Apollo. I not a fan of the sour flavors but the secret flavors we had the chance to try, Cola Slush & Marshmellow, were among my favorites. I wish they were among those new flavors to be released.

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  83. Susan Travis (verified owner)

    I love South Beach, Voodoo & Apollo. I not a fan of the sour flavors but the secret flavors we had the chance to try, Cola Slush & Marshmellow, were among my favorites. I wish they were among those new flavors to be released.

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  84. Viking_Grimreaper (verified owner)

    I love voodoo its what I drink everyday at work and while im streaming. It keeps me going and I love the no crash

    Image #1 from Viking_Grimreaper
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  85. Christian Mills (verified owner)

    Ordered the variety pack and wasn’t disappointed and even got 2 other coworkers to take a look and possibly buy to me what is the best energy drink out there! Love you guys and im going to continue to buy from here forsure.

    (2) (1)
  86. Haven (verified owner)

    I bought the variety pack with apollo, sour gummy worms, galaxy burst, and phantom freeze. The flavors were pretty good with sour gummy worms being a highlight of the bunch. I also thought galaxy burst was pretty good as well. I won’t lie they did have that artificial sweetener taste which is what you have to deal with if you’re like me and don’t want to drink an energy drink filled with sugar. I dont mind sugar anywhere else but not in an energy drink. This is the only energy drink I’ve seen with some electrolytes in it as well. I’ll drink one at my 2:00 a.m. break at work and I’ll actually be good for the rest of the night.
    The only gripe that I have is that you can’t get a smaller pack to try some other flavors. I really wanna try strawberry colada and watermelon frost. But I dont wanna get the variety pack of them as the other flavors in it dont seem that good to me. Just a minor gripe/frustration. Overall I’d definitely buy again and I think I’m gonna grab a case of sour gummy worms.

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  87. switchaob (verified owner)

    white peach is amazing, best flavor yet… needs to be a permanent flavor

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  88. Abule Abadi-Fitzgerald

    This drink is perfect for athletes, it give the energy you need throughout the day with no feeling of crashing at all and it taste really good for a dring with zero sugar. Baja lime is my favorite.

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  89. James Tame

    Purchased the sample pack and man so far I have had the Baja Lime can and the Sour Gummy to go powder… WOW! Truly the best tasting and I feel really good. Gives me good energy while I’m at work. Probably never buy another brand again.

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  90. John Daniel Olding III

    Best energy ever! Morning start up must have, late night push must have! Great flavors and great energy!

    Image #1 from John Daniel Olding III
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  91. JD Ellis (verified owner)

    All of Raze Energy flavors Slap!!! but for some reason Voodoo has a hold on me. I could stock up on this and be happy.

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  92. Big Shrimin

    I really liked the flavours that I got in the sample pack, might buy more in the future, but the products are a little pricey for what you get