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RAZE Energy On-The-Go Packs

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The same reFRESH technology you love, now in a more portable form. Powdered lightning and energizing hydration.

  • Hydrating Energy†
  • Rapid Restorative Recovery†
  • Intensified Stamina†
  • Razor Sharp Mental Focus†
  • No Crash AT ALL!†



Sour Gummy Worms, Galaxy Burst, Baja Lime, Apollo, Voodoo, Variety Pack 1 (4 Flavors), South Beach, Blue Shock, Prickly Pear, Sour Rainbow, April Mystery Flavor, Lemon Italian Ice, Sunny Tea, Gold Rush


15 Servings, 20 Servings (Variety Pack), 45 Servings, 60 Servings (Variety Pack)

30 reviews for RAZE Energy On-The-Go Packs

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Based on 30 reviews
  1. Jacob Hines

    Great taste for pretty much every flavor. Very friendly for people with sensitive stomachs. Though the powder sometimes gets wet in the packaging making it hard to mix.

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  2. Jason Pfannschmidt

    Got a bunch of these in my black friday bundle. They’re a nice boost in the middle of the day every so often. They don’t hit nearly as hard as the cans which is nice to mix things up. My favorite flavors so far are VooDoo & Apollo.

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  3. Abigail Mawhirter

    I wasn’t sure if this would impact my energy for my workout or not, but I received a packet as a freebie and thought I’d give it a shot! I used it on a day that I was on the downhill side of my migraine recovery and needed some extra “umph” for my run. The flavor was sour gummy worms, which was pretty tasty, and the formula was light on my stomach. At first, I didn’t notice much of a difference, but about 15 min and onward for the entire 103min, I really felt the boost and was able to shave like 4 min off my usual time. I was pleasantly surprised and would recommend!

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  4. Nick (verified owner)

    Tastes like a Pina Colada!!

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  5. Evan Emery

    Huge Raze fan and love the cans or go packs. Easiest to add to a shaker and my only negative would be they are so hard to open. More often than not I struggle and have to grab scissors. If there is a trick to opening them easier let me know! Otherwise keep making kick a** products! You guys are killing the game right now.

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  6. Kristopher (verified owner)

    I do like the on the go packs as a pick me up as needed but feel that 1 pack each is low pick me up

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  7. Joseph Almlie

    Perfect, I am always on the go, strong amazing flavor and easy to make. Helps me focus on my way to work and during work. Best idea I’ve seen to make an on the go packet for all busy workers and workers who are always traveling. Definitely wakes me up taking them.

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  8. Blake Hulett (verified owner)

    Perfect for “On the Go” people, first perfect in any bag, or pocket! Throw it in water and go, amazing !

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  9. Codey Trick (verified owner)

    Where to start. I love the energy drink versions of all of these. But the on the go packets are very handy! Very useful for work or vacation! Just pop in a water bottle and go on with ur day!

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  10. Ross Trout (verified owner)

    Love the On The Go packs. They’re so convenient you can just toss them in your bag then use them whenever. I have had a couple that didn’t get sealed right which sucks but it was only one or two. Also voodoo is one of my favorite flavors!

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  11. Caleigh Donaghe

    I love Raze on the go and it is a HUGE game changer for my training! Every flavor is incredible, but I my favorite has got to be the Baja Lime!

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  12. switchaob

    Must have while traveling especially, grab a pack and water bottle and go
    Or sometimes I just use the powder Dry under the tongue, don’t recommend doing that for everyone you make choke lol

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  13. Ty (verified owner)

    I have one every morning, they help me get my day started

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  14. Cory Hemp

    I love getting these and I usually save them when I run out of cans lol. Put in a room temp bottle shake then put in fridge until cold or use seltzer water and make it taste more carbonated.

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  15. cigarlandry12

    On the go packs are super convenient to keep in my lunch pail on days I forget a Raze (let’s face it though, Ive always got some stocked, so that’s rarely). I love the switch to the tube packaging, which I will take 100% credit for. The flavors are amazing and I love that you can buy in bulk!

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  16. Cody Alderfer

    I donate plasma often but I’m almost always rejected from being too dehydrated despite drinking gallons upon gallons of water a day along with electrolyte powder. Whenever I take these though my hematocrit levels are incredibly lower and my plasma looks a lot better in color. That’s how you know this stuff works!

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  17. Tom (verified owner)

    I love the go paks – I drink a lot of water and I like to start my morning with RAZE — it gets me going. I don’t have a favorite flavor…I have liked them all so far.

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  18. scotteo2001 (verified owner)

    Is it just me or does the Apollo flavor seem to give the best results? GO APOLLO!! Or don’t, I can’t tell you what to do.

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  19. Thomas Dyer

    Raze on the go packs are clutch. I dump 1 in my gallon every morning! Gives the water some flavor and I get 300mg of caffeine all day long!!!

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  20. Mike Banitt

    I like them all, but, Galaxy Burst is my favorite!!!!

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  21. Crys


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  22. Bailey Nelson

    These have been so popular among my family and friends! Even more so than the cans because the To-Go packets are more affordable and storage friendly. With all the outdoor activities we do, sometimes we don’t have access to a fridge, and a warm Raze is never fun. Dumping a To-Go packet into the second half of my water bottle always helps me get through the day.

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  23. switchaob

    Every flavor I’ve tried is soooo good, the only one I honestly didn’t like is Baja lime, which I love the can version but can’t handle the OTG but have a friend that loves it so maybe it’s just me

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  24. Demien osborn

    Amazing product just as good as the canned version

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  25. Janet

    You should have On The Go packets in every flavor.

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  26. Jacob Horner (verified owner)

    All 4 flavors are amazing, especially when forgetting a can of Raze at home I can store these in my bag when I’m traveling or when I’m at work and need one they are perfect. Hopefully Guava mango comes out for the on the go packs that one is so good

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  27. Richard Buswell

    Real deal. Great taste. Great for workouts or just picking up your day. This product works better than advertised. I’m done, this is my drink!

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  28. Jenny MacDonald

    Super convenient and they all taste amazing!

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  29. Mica Albott

    I tried the Baja Lime to go packs and just bought the variety pack to try the other flavors. I work outside so when I bring a Raze drink with me they stay cold in the cooler for about 3 hours, but I need something to get me through the rest of the 12 hour shift. Mixes perfectly with some cold water from the well!

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  30. Cory henderson

    I’ve tried all of the on the go flavors and apollo and galaxy are my top 2 favorites. they taste exactly like the energy drink. can’t beat 300mg of energy and focus in a tiny pouch! I hope they make strawberry colada next for the packs!

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