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Hyper Sleep™ Sleep Aid

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Formulated to help the body slip into a rested state faster and assist with shutting off the lights for a deep, replenishing sleep.

  • Helps you fall asleep faster†
  • Helps improve your quality of sleep†
  • Wake up feeling refreshed†
  • 9 Key sleep enhancing ingredients†

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended  to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Original price was: $47.99.Current price is: $38.39.


Cinnamon Swirl – 25 Servings, Vanilla Soft Serve – 25 Servings, Sour Gummy – 25 Servings

38 reviews for Hyper Sleep™ Sleep Aid

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  1. Abigail Mawhirter

    I got a few free sample packs of Hyper Sleep along with my Raze Energy and have to admit that I was a little skeptical, but WOW! While the taste when mixed in water is a little weird and the color is off putting, the effect makes up for it. I had a migraine and had been trying to sleep it off most of the day, resulting in my sleep cycle getting out of whack. I was afraid I’d be up all night, but after taking Hyper Sleep, I slept restfully for a full 8 hr, only waking once. And I felt well rested and ready to meet the day the next morning!

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  2. Theodore Burris (verified owner)

    Hyper Sleep is a God send. I dont get alot of rest during the week, do to the amount of time I spend at work. The little sleep I do get during the night is normally broken and I wake alot. This product however puts me to sleep fast, keeps me asleep and even though its not alot of sleep in hrs, the quality of the little sleep I do get is drastically improved, I wake up fully rested in less time. Great product, great tastes. Repp Sport never disappoints

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  3. Andrew Triplett

    This is honestly the best recovery and sleep aid I’ve taken before. My training schedule consists of a lot of heavy cardio and lifting on my days off from work, and the Hyper Sleep has been a game changer in helping me get the most recovery out of my sleep time. I’m able to hit just as hard of a workout multiple days in a row with taking this.

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  4. jonathan geisenhof (verified owner)

    This stuff knocks me out and leaves me feeling super refreshed the next day. I 100% recommend this to anyone that can only fit workouts in before bed.

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  5. jonathan geisenhof (verified owner)

    This stuff knocks me out and leaves me feeling super refreshed the next day. I 100% recommend this to anyone that can only fit workouts in before bed.

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  6. Jennie Marsh

    I have issues with sleeping and I figured why not try this. So I tried it and it’s great. I buy the samples because it’s easier for storage for me. I take it the way it says and I’m out in a half hour.

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  7. Donald (verified owner)

    My favorite product so far has been Hyper Sleep. I love the cinnamon swirl, but i typically but the sour gummy because it’s a flavor my wife and i can agree on.

    As someone who’s tried almost everything short of prescriptions for my chronic insomnia, this has become my new sleep aide of choice. After multiple 12-hr shifts in the emergency, I’ll knock a serving before bed and wake up ready to take on my next challenge.

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  8. Bradley (verified owner)

    Have you ever been in a fight with Mike Tyson? Well if not, prepare to know what it feels liked to get punched and knocked out! By far the best sleeping supplement out there, the cinnamon one is the best flvor by far

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  9. cigarlandry12 (verified owner)

    Every other sleep aid I have tried has failed me miserably. I was hesitant to try yet another, but I gave Hyper Sleep a shot and I was not let down! Not only does it do the job by helping me fall asleep, I’m able to have RESTFUL sleep, which I have lacked for a very long time.

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  10. Jordan

    Dang! This stuff is so potent it took me by surprise! I got a few sample packs with a Raze box and decided to try it one night after running myself ragged between errands and grad school. I tried the cinnamon and it tasted pretty weird in water so I guess I’ll just use milk next time. Immediately after I finished it I went to brush my teeth and started nodding off while still brushing! I don’t even remember hitting the pillow once I got into bed. Slept amazingly and woke up refreshed and motivated, which pretty much never happens for me. Can’t recommend this stuff enough! Just make sure you take it early enough to sleep 6-8 hours.

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  11. Pierce (verified owner)

    I had gotten Two of these in my repp box and holy fuck I love this. I’m only 19 years old and work in a warehouse. When I get home I know I’m tired. But I just couldn’t sleep! I was cautious at first but made one up one night and I passed out in 10 minutes after that! I hardly even remember laying down! Needless to say the shaker I was given is hard to read water levels so I just guesstimate but man I slept good after that. 10000/10

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  12. laynepeckedu

    Received a sample of this in the Vanilla flavor after getting the sample pack, am about to purchase at least 1 full tub today, as I have had extreme difficulty with sleep for years, OTC products have just made me drowsy, but this had me going from caffeine high, to ready to pass out, within 10 minutes. Extremely impressed!!!

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  13. Shirley Jean Pilger

    Haven’t slept without Seraquel in 10 years until HyperSleep. But I can wake up and not be groggy with HyperSleep.

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  14. Shirley Jean Pilger

    I have been struggling with sleep issues for several years. The only thing that helped was Seraquel. Which is for mental illness. Until HyperSleep!

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  15. Brian Schwantner

    So glad I finally decided to buy a full tub of this. This stuff knocked me out good and kept me sleeping through the night. I also woke up feeling pretty refreshed. If you’re having trouble with sleep go ahead and give Hyper Sleep a try (Sour Gummy Worms is the best flavor also)

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  16. SleepyMoom

    So let me tell yall about this amazing product (based on someone who bought all the sampler packs of this and plans on buying the full thing soon)

    1) this’ll knock you flat on your tush kind of sleep pretty quickly, great for when you KNOW you need to sleep soon but aren’t tired

    2) best sleep I’ve ever had was while using this product, sometimes I have to take a double dose of melatonin pills just to not wake up in the middle of the night but with this product? sleeping is a breeze

    and 3) the easiest I ever woke up in the morning was with this sleep aid. I usually take a full 30 min to an hour to fully be alive and functioning but after sleeping with this? Woke up after my first alarm out of 25.

    All the flavors are good (yes sour gummy is scary at first, yes its delicious) but my favorite is definitely the vanilla because I’m basic.

    Overall a 10/10 product and if I could give it 6 stars I would.

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  17. Randall Garrett

    I’m a sleep deprived HS football coach. I generally sleep about 5 hours a night and I am a light sleeper. I got this in a sample pack and decided to try it after having games (JH, JV & Varsity) on 4 consecutive nights. I’ve never slept so good in my life. My wife even had to wake up twice and tend to our dog who kept barking. I never heard him. It was the restart I needed I slept uninterrupted for 9 hours. It was amazing, I will be adding this product to my routine.

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  18. Yara E Hernandez Velez

    Got a sample and was a little worried about the flavor but wow it smells and tastes amazing! I have difficulty sleeping due to anxiety and after reading the instructions I decided to do half of the sample and it was just right for me. Mixes well with water, no grittiness, taste great and no after taste. It didn’t make me fall asleep hard, but rather in like 1 hour I felt sleepy and I woke up feeling great!

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  19. David Abarr

    Holy shit this stuff is lit. I haven’t slept like that in quite a while. Adding this to me routine. Maybe not every night but those times of the week when you’re run down for sure. Huge ++++

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  20. Morgan

    I got some sample packets of this in my package and must I just say I haven’t slept so good in such a long time. Very Impressed and would highly recommend. Waking up nongroggy is the best feeling in the world.

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  21. william harris

    this stuff works great. as a high functioning autistic that has troubles sleeping soundly, this stuff helps keep me asleep at night, making it a dozen times easier to get going in the morning, because i actually got some good sleep. sour gummy flavor is good in water, but cinnamon swirl is best in something creamy, like milk or whatever you use as milk.

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  22. melissa.glenn (verified owner)

    HyperSleep is amazing! Zero grogginess upon waking & lets me sleep all night! Definitely recommend mixing the Vanilla or Cinnamon with milk (or milk substitute) for the BEST flavor! Mixes great & no chunks.

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  23. Brad H.

    Hyper sleep is such a great product. It has everything you need to help with muscle recovery while you sleep and helps you fall asleep super fast. It also helps me not wake up 10x during the night which I’ve always had trouble with. Love this stuff!

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  24. Rachel Yanish

    Hyper sleep is the only thing that I’ve been able to use (besided prescriptions) that puts me to sleep in 30 minutes. The vanilla and cinnamon flavors are amazing! It tastes just like the whey vanilla.

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  25. Cory W

    Best thing since whiskey to knock you out cold before bed. Love Hyper Sleep for recovery and the best sleep a man can get.

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  26. Junaid Mukhtar

    I was skeptical when I first saw this. I mean, there are PLENTY of sleeping products out there. Given I genuinely do not have server sleeping problems, this is a fantastic product. I am a huge fan of REPP pre-workout. I came across this product when I was purchasing that and decided to give it a try. I am definitely not disappointed. I find myself falling asleep with in the first 30 minutes of taking this and I usually take 1/2 scoop. I have not tried increasing it yet for 1/2 dose works for now. I feel better rested and more energetic in the early hours. Definitely recommend it for someone who has issues falling asleep and feels groggy in the AMs.

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  27. Layton S

    The taste isn’t bad and you don’t have to drink much. This stuff works great , I had issues falling asleep and kept on waking up throughout the night before I tried hyper sleep. Now I fall asleep fast and stay asleep and I feel significantly better in the morning.

    I did find that the mix is partly insoluble in water , so I scoop the rest and eat it. Great product, I wish the price was a bit lower though.

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  28. Heather

    knocks you out when you need deep restful sleep

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  29. Keetan Lab

    I followed the instructions as listed and started with 1/2 scoop on my first night and felt a noticeable difference. The second night, however, I took a full scoop and WOW, I was literally LIGHTS OUT. When I upped to the full serving, it did seem to calm my mind and helped me to fall asleep faster. Occasionally I wake up but, I seem to fall back to sleep easier. If you lay awake at night like I do and stare at the ceiling, I recommend trying this product.

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  30. Jack S.

    I’ve had trouble sleeping for years, but this knocked me tf out! The cinnamon swirl is delicious

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  31. Neil S.

    Hyper sleep is the definition of sweet dreams! I have trouble sleeping and taking this knocks me right out and I wake up feeling amazing and rested. Plus, the flavors are on point, sweet and delicious.

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  32. David F

    I had taken Proamino for years and looked everywhere for a replacement once they discontinued making it and Hyper Sleep by Repps is way better! Taste is an amazing bonus- got the sour gummy. You have a life long customer with this one!

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  33. Bradford Gilligan

    I regularly have insomnia and struggle with sleeping all of the night, but took some Hypersleep and knocked out like a light. Cant get enough of this product!!

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  34. Juninou

    I’m happy with the results of this supplement. I️ haven’t had deep sleep in a long time and now I get more than enough. It takes about 20 mins for me to start feeling the effects.

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