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New Raze Energy Drink Flavor Revealed – Coming Soon

Something big is in the works for the latest flavor addition to join the ever-growing family of Raze Energy and the fans played a major role in concocting this incredibly popular formulation.

In fact, we let the decision solely play into the voices of the people.

The strong consideration and voting from the fans heavily outweighed the opinions of all of us here at Raze Energy HQ as we were 100% focused on bringing our dedicated fan base a flavor they truly wanted.

Often times, with a heavily over saturated energy drink market, you end up in a tight rope of flavor selections — not given an option on what the next flavor is going to be, only to be disappointed when you get a lukewarm and buttery Birthday Cake flavor that is so unbearable, you have to pay someone else to drink it for you.

Where’s the fun in that?

Instead, we wanted to bring you a mouthwatering and performance driving energy drink with the most delectable flavor profile known to man.

This wouldn’t be the first time (and certainly not the last) we’ve left the next flavor in the hands of our fans as our first officially crowd sourced flavor was the Halloween themed, Voodoo.

It didn’t stop at the flavor name either.

Those spooky designs that are congested all across the heavily vibrant can were fully incorporated thanks to an influx of suggestions that came from our Instagram driven contest.

Our Voodoo launch was so successful that we decided to go back to the drawing board to set up another crowdsourced contest for our next addition for the top-rated energy drink.

If you’ve been paying attention to our social media feed, you’ve probably seen all of the countless contests and Instagram posts asking for your feedback on the next flavor arrival of the best energy drink.

Well, we heard you!

The feedback and suggestions we received were actually so overwhelming that our application kept crashing every time we tried to open it… No, seriously it did.

BAJA LIME is finally complete and this beautiful flavor can now be crowned as the People’s Energy Drink.

You chose the flavor profile, you chose the the name, you chose the design. We’re happy to present the latest crowdsourced energy drink.

After almost a week of deliberating and scavenging through comments and DM’s, we finally had the big winner.

The next Raze Energy flavor is Baja Lime!

We were so excited to announce the new flavor name that was voted on by the fans that we locked our lead graphic designer in his office to hammer out the fine details on a completely custom and limited edition can design to suffice the tropical theme that really puts you in the spring and summer time mood.

But wait – we weren’t finished quite yet.

It was time to huddle together and have our lead director of R&D put together hundreds of samples for our team to taste test that way we could fully develop the exact flavor profile we know would completely throw a rift into the average energy drink flavor selection.

Many (and when I say many, I mean hundreds) samples later, the lightbulb went off and we knew we had our selection that no one would be disappointed with. Gracing the Baja Lime flavor pallet would be hints of coconut, lime, pineapple and more!

Did you have to stop reading because your mouth was watering too much and you’re having a tough time comprehending how to wait any longer to get your hands on the best energy drink ever?

If you answered yes, we have great news for you. To get the first alerts and any new notifications about Raze Baja Lime, simply enter your information into the box below to get new updates as they become released.

Let’s get back to the more important matters here though…

Fully confident in our formulation selection, we have made it official and are incredibly excited to provide you with a great tasting energy drink to sip on whenever and wherever.

Whether you’re getting ready for a big night of gaming, looking for one of the best pre-workout RTD’s (ready to drink) or simply just want a great tasting beverage with a boost of energy – Baja Lime is perfect!

Now that winter is slowly dissipating into the dark abyss where it belongs — it’s time to bust out the flamingo colored short shorts, tropical button down, dark shades and grab an ice cold Raze Energy Baja Lime (accessories sold separately).

Just in time for Spring Break, keep a lookout for news relating to the official launch of Baja Lime to get your hands on it before it sells out.

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