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Muscle Activation Stack

Formulated with 100% natural ingredients to contribute towards the efficient & effective growth of muscle mass.  Aside from muscle growth, this stack will also help to reduce fatigue, improve your endurance levels, and boost your metabolism.

Laxogenin+™: Studies have shown that Laxogenin has the potential to greatly increase protein synthesis, balance cortisol, repair muscle tissue, and reduce fatigue during exercise without manipulating hormone levels.† Laxogenin+™ was designed and formulated for individuals seeking to substantially improve overall body composition.

DAA+: In clinical studies, D-Aspartic Acid was suggested to support increases in Testosterone of 42% on average in just 12 days. By increasing the amount of testosterone in your body, you’re able to build muscle faster and recover more quickly while increasing strength.†

Arimivar™: From mush to marble. ArimiVar™ helps build dense muscle that captures the aesthetic of Greek gods.† ArimiVar™ crushes circulating estrogen while also blocking the conversion of excess testosterone to estrogen.†

Creatine HCL: Creatine HCL supports an increase in the production and supply of ATP to working muscle cells. This promotes an increase in muscular energy, helping to avoid lactic acid build-up and allows for longer and more intense training sessions. The harder you train, the more you gain.


†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended  to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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