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70% of YOUR Growth Hormone Is Produced During Deep Sleep

That’s right…

60-70% of growth hormone — which is CRITICAL for recovery after a muscle-tearing session — is produced during the deepest stages of sleep, also knows as your REM deep sleep state.

That’s because you damage your body during tough training sessions creates micro tears on your muscles.

And Deep Sleep (plus some protein) is what HEALS these micro tears.

And without maximum recovery, you can’t get maximum results.

The problem is that most people struggle to fall asleep, or achieve a truly restful deep sleep where they wake up fully refreshed.

This is due to our modern stressful lifestyles where our adrenaline is constantly switched on. This prevents us from getting the deepest sleep possible, and the biggest release of growth hormone possible too.

Because light is an indication it’s time to be awake. Night time exposure to phone screens tricks our body into thinking it’s still daytime. This prevents normal night time release of the “sleep hormone”… Melatonin.

Without quitting your job, giving up caffeine, and throwing away your phone… it can be pretty tough to get high quality, deep sleep on a regular basis.

That’s why we created Hyper Sleep™

HyperSleep™ is a potent sleeping aid that will calm your body into a deep state of rest and recovery.

The Scientifically Proven Ingredients in Hyper Sleep™

  • Melatonin: the sleep hormone. This will begin the process of signaling to your brain and body that it’s time to rest.
  • GABA: thid nootropic supplement relaxes your mind by reducing nervous system activity, and creating a sense of “peace.” Even if you have had the most stressful day of your life this blend will make you feel completely at ease.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium regulates release of melatonin and having a deficiency can be linked with poor sleep and insomnia.
  • Plus 6 Other Ingredients: All of these work together to create the best night’s sleep you've ever had.


FOR 58% OFF!

Regular Price: $47.99

today’s one-time offer:

Only $19.99!

By adding Hyper Sleep™ to your order you will be charged an additional $19.99 for this addition. You will love it!

Supplement Facts:

By adding Hyper Sleep™ to your order you will be charged an additional $19.99 for this addition. You will love it!

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