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GPOP is a Low Calorie, GLUTEN Free, On-the-Go package of Functional Macronutrients, PACKED with 13 Grams of Protein disguised as your Favorite DESSERT.

Nutrition Profile

13g Protein

More protein than single serving of Greek Yogurt or a 1/2 cup of raw almonds

260 Calories

Equivalent to 3/4 cup of 2% yogurt, 1/4 cup of berries & 1 tablespoon of ground flax.

Air Popped

A zero-calorie popping method that removes frying oils and results in light, airy kernels with a cloud-like texture

Gluten Free

A convenient, craveable snack without hidden gluten.

No Guilt.
No Problem.

Meet the Flavors
Peanut Butter Cup

The Perfect Pair

We belong together. Sweet chocolate reunites with creamy peanut butter to create a perfect pair of flavors. Complete with 13g of protein popping out of gluten free kernels, it’s the perfect power-up snack. Did we just become best friends? 

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B-Day Cake

It’s Your Birthday

You’re only as old as you feel. Count calories not candles with 13g of protein hidden inside this surprisingly slim snack. Candied confetti wraps a gluten free kernel that makes this the perfect gift to yourself. It’s a celebration, break out the cake! 

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Chocolate Lava

Live Richly

Health is wealth, but chocolate is richer. Dive into decadence with a real cocoa coating draped over airy gluten free kernels. With 13g of protein and calories to spare you can afford to indulge deeply without regrets. Treat yo’ self to chocolate. 

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Cinnamon Roll

Sweet Buns

Sweet temptation. Unwrap a perfect cinnamon sunrise for breakfast or squeeze in a post-work power snack. Packing 13g of protein with a sugary glaze over gluten free kernels, these sweet buns are hard to resist. Grab dessert and roll with it. 

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Whey Protein Isolate


Pure Whey Protein Isolate that provides nourishing macronutrients and is low in fat and lactose-free
Non-Gmo Kernels

Non-GMO Kernels

Locally sourced, Non-GMO kernels from farmers that practice sustainable farming methods.
Real Flavors

Real Flavors

Made with real, delectable ingredients that satisfy hunger with craveable flavors
Guilt Free Cravings

Guilt Free Craving

A healthy snack you actually enjoy. Protein popcorn disguised as your favorite dessert.
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